Fabulous fishing in the Ruakituri and Hangaroa rivers.

World-famous trout fishery

Trophy Rainbow and Brown Trout

The Ruakituri river offers approximately 70 km of arguably the best rainbow and brown trout fishing in the world. There is no stocking and trout are completely wild, which when combined with the rugged river environment they live in, makes for world class fly fishing.

The Ruakituri is an internationally renowned trout fishery. Unmatched scenic beauty, large stretches of fishable water and the chance to catch magnificent trophy trout are all features of the river. The Ruakituri River has its source in the Te Urewera National Park on the eastern slopes of the Huiarau Range. The river flows in a south easterly direction for 70 km before joining with the Hangaroa River at Te Reinga. Both rainbow and brown trout are present, however only rainbow trout are found in the headwaters above the Waitangi Falls.

Trout range in size from 2.5 lb up to 8 lb in the lower and middle reaches and average around 4.5 lb. In the upper reaches trout range from 4 lb up to 11 lb and average 5 lb.

The river and its tributaries are open to fly fishing only from 1 October until 30 June each year. The daily bag limit is 2 trout. Below the Waitangi Falls the minimum size limit is 30 cm. The upper Ruakituri River also has a slotted size limit to protect the trophy status of the fishery, allowing only trout 30–60 cm in length to be taken.

To protect this fantastic fishery we recommend that all anglers refrain from taking fish and practice 'catch and release'. There is no doubt that this is a world class wild trout fishery and visiting anglers should protect it for future generations! Trout fishing guides can be arranged, however, bookings must be made well in advance.

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